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Small set of a gal using a feather duster. This is a set from a video that is somewhere on the site. LOL, I kind of forgot where the video is, but shes cute in her own way, and she pretends to masturbate.
Small Set
Cute brunette gal does her first photo shoot with a toy. Again, not heavy masturbation, but damn, I'd do her in a heart beat.
Hot Lil Number and...
I'm not big on themed images sets, you know, An elf or an Easter Bunny masturbating, but I am hot to trot for redheads, and hell, this gal is sexy, and she is wearing red and white Christmassy stuff, so Thank you Santa, I'll unwrap this girl 365 days in a row!
Holy Shit Santa....
Not really a masturbation image set, but she is pretty cute, so she is worth a looksie,
Nady Strips Naked
wants to be a pro model. She's got the looks, and can strike the pose, but never really looks like she is enjoying it. Her attempt to look like she's masturbating is disappointing. It's photo shoots like this that make me appreciate amateur photos!
Cute Gal
Does a photo shoot. She's something to look at, although no real masturbation in this series, just some pussy lip spreading. Good looker though.
Softcore Teen
WIth a monster dildo, but she is the type that will only play like she is masturbating, instead actually commiting to it, and doing it the right way.
Just Another Teen Slut
More from my large collection of girls masturbating. Mostly amateur gals, a few pros mixed in, duplicate checked.
Girls Masturbating -...
From my large collection of images, several hundred gal masturbating, mostly amateurs, and all dupe checked.
Large Masturbation...
Of images. These are mostly amateur, and mostly duplicate checked, and all are of hot chicks in some form of masturbation (or at least acting like they are masturbating).
From My Large...
She gets bored, so she goes to the local mall and picks up a perv to photograph her in all her glory
Cute Petite Blonde...
This happy couple loves to play, and loves to share their fun times. This group of images has it all, hetro sex, masturbation, nudity and play time. Gotta love em!
Happy Couple
Several hundred images from my large collection of masturbating chicks. Mostly amateurs, and duplicate checked.
From My Large...