New Category - Web Cam Girls

2013-02-09 19:01:19

I have added a new category for those wonderfully delicious webcam girls that love to play on their computers. Previously I had been placing these in the "Self Shot" category, but decided to move them out on their own. The Self Shot will be for girls who film with their camera or phone, whilst the web cam will be for video where it is obvioous they are chatting or plaing with their webcam.





New Servers

2012-07-12 19:21:48

Tom Voyeur is happy to announce that the migration to brand new, top of the line servers is completed. Use the feed back form if you spot any problems.







Scheduled Maintenance

2011-11-08 04:34:11

Wed, 11 PM CST (-0600 GMT) all websites will be going down for maintenance and upgrade. This should only last approx 30-45 minutes *EXCEPT* for, which should last 3-4 hours.

Some major upgrades are about to be rolled out :).


Hard Drive Issues

2011-06-01 19:06:09

***** Service Has Resumed ******


The drive array has been repaired




Upgrade Complete

2011-02-15 11:02:42

The upgrade to the database is complete. All went well and we are rocking and rolling again.


Scheduled Downtime

2011-02-13 03:52:55

I am scheduling some downtime for Tuesday, Feb 15th at 4:00 am CST. I am upgrading the database server. Actual database down time should be approx 30 minutes. This may effect any of the tomvoyeur websites for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.



Malware Reports

2010-09-19 13:15:32

The issue has been resolved. You should *NOT* be receiving reports of Malware. If you conitnue to do so, please contact me ASAP and we will get this issue resolved.




Malware Reports - False

2010-09-17 02:26:31

A recent security hole has been discovered in my banner advertising program. Sadly, I only advertise my other website, but this same software is used on some rather large websites, which have been targeted to distribute malware. Because of this Google is reporting that *ANY* website running this software is being marked as a suspicious website. Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers are the main browsers that use Googles Bad Site database.

We take this type of situation very seriously, and have taken steps to prevent this "ad server program" from passing any malware on to you.

It will take me a few days to get google to revalidate the website and get us removed rom their database, in the meantime, I recommend the following:

1) Make sure your malware checker is up to date. If you do not have one I recommend several (do not use only one, no program can catch them all.) spybot search & destory (free-- from, adaware (free, from malwarebytes (free from and hijackthis from trend micro (free).
2) Disble this warning in your browser, or use internet explorer for your browsing needs. (This is a short term fix, and should only be used on website that you trust, like any of the Tom Voyeur Worlds Websites.

This bug is allowing malicious users to upload and send malware out to any number of people that use this particular ad server. In our case, *NO ONE* is allowed to upload anything except me, and it only runs amoung my websites, there are *NO* outside websites sharing the ad server. Because of this, *THERE WILL BE NO MALWARE* distributed.


However, because Google has deemed that a hole exists, I must remove the program, in order to get google to stop flashing up the warning screen. I will stay on top of this, and try to get this entirely cleaned up within a few days.

Feel free to email me at support *AT* if you have any questions.


Download Issues

2010-04-02 20:08:53

The download issues have been resolved. It turns out it was a problem at the AT&T network center, and once identified, the problem was resolved.




Download Speed Issues

2010-04-02 03:33:11

Our NOC is having some issues with download speeds. This is effecting all websites and all servers. I will keep you updated as we get the issue resolved.


Now, 30 minutes a day

2010-03-03 21:18:52

Starting March 1st, (yeah I know, I should have posted this a day or two ago) I will be posting 30 minutes of masturbation every day, 7 dyas a week. That's 3 and 1/2 hours of video per week posted! awesome!



Website Outage

2009-06-27 18:52:20

We experienced a brief outage this afternoon. All issues have been resolved, and all websites are back online




This new Software

2009-06-03 17:29:08

and web design is really kicking ass for me.  lot of work to get al the old files re entered into the databse, but it's done now :). Starting this month, updates 7 days a week, and over 20 minutes a day. That's over 2 hours of masturbation videos every week! Let's see the big sites beat that!

Server Maintenece

2009-03-12 03:36:37

We will be shutting the servers down at approx 3 am on March 12th for software updating. The websites will remain offline for approx 1 hour.


Duplicates Found

2009-02-25 18:13:11

I was going through the website last night and discovered about 50 or so duplicate files. Please shoot me out an email if you see one.





The New Design is Live

2009-02-24 13:05:32

There are a lot of new features in this, the third version of :). I have been working almost around the clock to manually update the database. I could have just imported the old database into the new one, but I wanted to review each and every file on the system.  A few features besides the kick ass design are * Faster/better searching *Better navigation/ easier to understand menus *Reduction of menu items, Same categories apply to images or videos. *More robust admin panel, making it easier for me to import files, meaning more reliable updates. *Missing is the stories section. This will be added back in soon.

I am not going to be posting anymore 20 second clips, and am steering towards more complete, full length videos. I will post an occasional quickie clip, but only if it is fucking hot, and worthy of a look, even if it is brief. I have a lot of new and never before released content, some are close personal friends (such as Tasha) and some are gals trying to make their house payments in these tough times.  

Any questions/comments, use the feedback form to contact me. Or as always, tomvoyeur AT tomvoyeur DOT net will get me as well :)




Welcome to the *NEW* Onlymasturbation

2009-02-17 23:14:30

We've been working on this layout for almost 4 months now, a ground up rewrite of the software and layout of the website! This design is much cleaner and from my end, much easier to work with :)

New features added

2009-02-10 13:05:32

Two new features added today. One Good and One a pain in the ass.

1) I had to add the captcha thingy to login or leave feedback. Got hit hard last week from the password trading websites, their robots are trying to break in. Waht is this world coming to?

2) Added a new "Scroll Bar" to the image sets. When logged in, you can click on an image, and a new window will open, giving you a scroll bar to scroll through the images. Of course, you can also still download the entire set in a handy ZIP package :)